вторник, октомври 30, 2012

Take my hand

Take my hand
And lead me to the sun
Where he will embrace me.

I will dance
In his arms I will squirm
Like a snake.

I will fight to breathe
And at the end I'll burn
In his lava flames.

Take my hand
And lead me to the water
Where he will caress me.

I will sing to him
For his love I will fight
Because it's him who I crave.

And I will be a siren -
The last creature
A sailor shall ever see.

Take my hand
And lead me to the wind
Where he will kiss me.

He'll freeze my flesh
Deep down to my bones
So I shall become cold hearted.

I'll fly with the eagles
Hunt my preys
And die naked in the cold rain.

Take my hand
And bring me to the earth
Where he will hold me tight.

Bury me deep down in the ground
Take my every living cell
And turn me into dust.

And then the lovely sun will warm me
The wind will blow away the dirt on top of me
The water will wash away my tears and sorrow
I will rise
And will never feel the emptiness
For this life is just borrowed.

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