петък, май 18, 2012

The kiss

When you put your arms 
around me
And hold me tight
And when 
you cuddle me 
And don’t let me move...

I feel 
my heart
Beating fast
In the rhythm of your breath
And then gently and slowly
I kiss your lips 

My heart 
beats faster
My head 
is dizzy
Deeper I go
in the sweetness  I drown,
the sweetness of your kiss.

My eyes are closed.
And all other senses
become stronger.
I feel
only breathing
your touch
and your taste.

Your lips
are soft 
so gentle.
Your breath
is morning dew.
And you,
you slowly drink from me.

My clothes are gone.
The world is gone,
everything is us,
and we are one.
You know they say:
The kiss
Is a junction of souls.

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